Brooks Robinson Left Handed?

Fun Fact of the Day:

Brooks Robinson is hard to argue with for best defensive third baseman of all time. His highlights are talked about and showed all the time as he defined “defensive” at 3B. His 16 gold gloves from 1960-1975 is one of the most remarkable runs in baseball history. He is known a lot for his diving catches and signature fading away throws. When strong arms in the infield are discussed Brooks name is always brought up. Believe it or not though that cannon he carried was actually on his weak arm. His dominant hand/arm was in the glove. Brooks Robinson does everything off the field left handed such as eating, writing, etc. This was the secret to his defensive dominance. His dominant hand was in the glove, which made him the “human vacuum cleaner”. The real amazement though is that his weak side produced just as much throwing power as his dominant arm should. Is Brooks human?



  1. Patrick Connole

    Thanks for the information on Brooks Robinson. I have been following baseball for four decades and never heard that story before previously about his dominant/weak hand. Amazing to think how powerful the other arm would have been. But not at third, obviously. Take care.

  2. Robert King

    He was by far the best 3rd baseman in the history of the game!


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