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John Lumsden, a.k.a Johnny Baseball, Johnny B, JB (Founder and Owner)


I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA as a Dodger fan. I am currently a student at Mississippi State Univeristy, studying Business Administration (concentrations in Accounting, Information Systems, and Marketing) with hopes of a career in the baseball industry with focus on statistics, baseball operations, and player development. I am a big supporter of baseball sabermetrics. With that said, I make sure to include key stats into most of my postings. I have been a baseball fan my whole life, but it wasn’t until freshman year of college that I truly fell in love with the game.

During the year of 2015 I made the decision to take a year off from school to accept a job as concessions manager for the KC class A advanced affiliate, Wilmington Blue Rocks in Delaware, in which I was offered at the MiLB job fair in San Diego during the 2014 baseball Winter Meetings. I then continued on with Centerplate (concessions company with whom I worked for) to work at RFK Stadium in DC for three months during the Fall. After the job concluded I returned to MSU.

During the Summer of 2016 I worked as an intern and stat analyst for the Peninsula Pilots, a summer collegiate team in the Coastal Plain League, located in Hampton, VA. The job changed my direction in the baseball from game-day relations/business aspects to what I truly love, player development/scouting with an emphasis on advanced metrics.

Since, I have continued to study the game, especially in aspects of identifying talent and growing talent. This Summer (2017) I was hired back with the Peninsula Pilots to be the stat analyst and special assistant working closely with the coaching staff and players; and continue to work with them through the Fall.

I write this blog to share my passion for the game, as I still belive that baseball is America’s past time, and the greatest game to ever be played. I may never have played the game on a competitive level, but I feel very connected to the game and look forward to learning something new about it everyday. The great thing about baseball, is that championships dont recquire a team of all-stars, but a team of good talent, with players who respect one another, as chemistry is the secret ingredient. A game that is about strategy and uniting the fans, that spreads throughout the world on a positive note, as America trys to do everyday as the greatest country in the world. “It is hard not to be romantic about baseball.”

Please feel free to email me at JLumsden@johnnylbaseballclubhouse.com or call me at 8184540212. I am always open to suggestions or comments and the opportunites to meet more baseball lovers.


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