Why Matt Wieters Should not Still Be a Free Agent

It is February 5th; weeks away from every player reporting to Spring Training, and Matt Wieters is still without a team. Matt Wieters has dealt with lots of injuries over the last 3 seasons, but when he is healthy he is one of the top 5 catchers in the league. The 4-time all-star has two gold gloves, and has slugged at least .410 every year since 2010.

Catcher is the most important and impactful poisons in the game. A catcher like Matt Wieters can improve a a pitching staff tremendously from his game calling technique. There are at least 5 squads out there that could use Wieters to make them legitimate playoff contenders. These teams include Colorado who has an abundus amount of young pitching that need sculpting, and the Braves who had Brian McCann take them to the playoffs 4 times. Even just 130 games of Wieters would be worth the contract offer.

It is really late in the offseason, and the other star free agent catcher, Wilson Ramos, only got $12.5 million, so Matt Wieters may come at a bargain. The former Oriole has hit 22+ homers 3 times during his career. His career slugging percentage with runners on base is .460. Being a switch-hitter adds versatility to any lineup. Several teams are rumored to have interest in the all-star catcher, but that is not an excuse for him still being a free agent. Teams like Colorado need to buckle down and realize the impact Matt could make on their team. Signing Wieters is buying into a championship/playoff run.


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