Rangers Protecting Future by Giving Rougned Odor Huge Extension

After only one superb campaign, the Rangers have decided to lockup their 23-year-old second baseman for 6 years. Despite the relitevly low WAR in 2016 of 2.4, his numbers across the board spell productive with an explanation mark. His low WAR had a lot to do with his low OBP of .296. However, because he is so young, his plate discipline will only improve from his poor 19 walks and 135 strikeouts. His new 6-year $49.5 million deal gives him a yearly salary of approx $8 million.

Rougned Odor blasted 33 bombs with 33 doubles and a defensive range factor higher than league average in 2016. Those are only a few stats amongst his many other impressive numbers last year. A player at that caliber, in his prime these days, is getting between a $12-22 million salary. So, even if Odor cant ever put together another campaign like 2016 again, his contract is not too pricey, making it a bargain.

The Texas Rangers have a mix of very young and aging talent. They took notice of their biggest division foe, the Houston Astros, being very yong, so this deal was driven by staying competitive for years to come. With Odor being 23-years of age, and having a small history of injuries, this deal a low risk, high reward for the Texas Rangers.


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