2020 MLB Regular Season Predictions

2020 is certainly going to be a historic season and not just because of the effects the pandemic has and will have on baseball. With just 60 games to play, intra-geographical division play, the universal DH rule, and a 16 team playoff bracket, the World Series is just as much in reach for a underdog like the Reds, a cinderella up and coming team like the White Sox, or a clear cut favorite like the Dodgers. Despite baseball not requiring a few superstars on the roster to win a championship like other major sports, usually the playoff bracket consists mostly of expected top of the league teams because its a 162-game season so time fizzles out the flukes. However, now with only a 60-game season, the factors that make those so called fluke teams have a hot short run in the middle of a long season may become the reason for a deep playoff run and/or a division title. These factors include young superstar prospects who often times have a great first half or first year then come back down to Earth as veterans figure them out, young roster that isn’t affected as much by the 3 months without games, and limited amount of good rotation pitchers. All in all, no matter what the experts say or what the past says, expect the unexpected as baseball may never see another season like this again.

NL West

1. LAD: 42-18
2. ARI: 35-25
3. COL: 33-27
4. SDP: 33-27
5. SFG: 23-37

NL Central

1. CIN: 34-26
2. STL: 32-28
3. MIL: 30-30
4. CHC: 27-33
5. PIT: 24-36

NL East

1. PHI: 35-26
2. ATL: 34-26
3. WSH: 32-28
4. MIA: 28-32
5. NYM: 25-35

AL West

1. HOU: 35-25
2. OAK: 32-28
3. SEA: 31-29
4. TEX: 29-31
5. LAA: 28-32

AL Central

1. MIN: 35-25
2. CHW: 34-26
3. CLE: 30-30
4. KC: 26-34
5. DET: 23-37

AL East

1. NYY: 40-20
2. TB: 36-24
3. TOR: 33-27
4. BOS: 29-31
5. BAL: 19-41


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