The Doubles Leader

Fun Fact of the Day:

Tris Speaker is the all time leader in doubles with 792. Tris played from 1907-1928 in which he had a career average of .345 with 3514 hits, 222 triples, 1882 runs, 436 stolen bases, and 5101 total bases in 2789 games played. He led the league in doubles 8 times including 8 times with over 40 doubles. Considering the stats he put up in his 22 years, he is one of the greatest hitters arguably of all time.


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  1. It is hard to argue with his stats especially considering that MLB played only 154 games at that time not the 162 games of today. How would you compare Speaker to Rose?

    • I think they are both very equal especially in the type of players they were. Their career totals are very similar and so are their career averages in each stat. They both hit over .300 in the playoffs although Rose played a lot more games in the postseason. Rose’s fielding stats are slightly better, but that is because baseball quite hadn’t figured out fielding stats properly yet back in the early 1900’s. The only difference I would say is that Tris Speaker had a little more power as his slugging% is higher and had more career RBIs (around 1500) than Rose, but Rose scored more runs. Pete was more of a utility player and that is what might give him the slight edge over Speaker along with playing in an era where the pitching was more dominant.

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