Shoeless Joe Jackson Hits .375 In 1919 WS

The 1919 World Series between the Chicago White Sox and the Cincinnati Reds was famously known as the Black Sox Scandal because of 8 White Sox players throwing the Series on purpose to get paid by gamblers. One of those players was the legendary Shoeless Joe Jackson, who many say to this day was not part of the scandal/deal. Even if he was, how could anyone prove that he tried to lose the Series on purpose? He batted .375 in the Series with a homer, 6 RBI’s, 3 doubles, 18 total bases, and 12 hits in 8 games played. So he might have reportedly been in on the deal and received money from the gamblers, but it sure does not look like he tried to throw the series. It will always be a mystery to this day how much Joe Jackson was really involved in the Black Sox Scandal, as his .375 WS batting average surely says that he was trying to help his team defeat the Reds.


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