Why Matt Wieters Would be the Perfect Fit in Houston

With Jason Castro a free agent, and having underperformed when with the Astros, Houston is looking for a full-time catcher. Currently they lead the trade rumors of Yankees’ man behind the plate, Brian McCann. But why trade away prime prospects for a catcher who is no longer in his prime, when Houston could sign Matt Wieters, who hasn’t exactly reached his full potential yet due to injuries. Houston doesn’t have a big contract on their books yet and all three of their big bats are righties (Wieters is a switch hitter).

Matt Wieters was a two-time all-star between the 2011-2013 seasons slugging at least .417 each year, while not appearing in less than 139 games, and also winning two gold gloves. Those two gold gloves are exceptionally fantastic considering the poor pitching staff of the Orioles that Wieters had to work with. In Houston, Matt could get a chance to catch the reigning AL Cy Young winner, young powerful pitchers of tomorrow like Lance McCullers, and a great bullpen (at least on paper). His numbers at the plate could also rise, as Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa would be hitting in front of the slugging catcher. Or, Wieters could fit nice and snug in the 3 hole with George Springer and Altuve hitting above him while Correa along with Bergman hit in the 4 and 5 spots respectively. Wieters did have protection in Baltimore, but not as much as he would get being a part of the Astros’ lineup.

The south has been Wieters home his entire life; from being born in South Carolina, to going to school in Georgia, and now being in Maryland, but if he doesn’t have an O’s jersey on in 2017 it’s beneficial to Wieters that his talents stay in the AL so that the DH is available to him if injuries reoccur. Other potential suitors are Detroit, Oakland, Tampa Bay, and the Angels, but for obvious reasons, those teams are less likely to swoop up Matt Wieters than the Houston Astros are. Sure, the former American League all-star may not have extravagant statistics against the AL West division, but they aren’t horrible. Wieters has played in 179 games against the West, blasting 22 homers and 23 doubles, and batting a mere .250. The other factor not in favor of Matt being an Astro, is that Minute Maid Park, at least according to the factors/numbers, is a pitcher’s park, but has that stopped Correa and Altuve? The Baltimore Orioles did not extend a qualifying offer to their catcher, so maybe they are finally trying to cut ties; in that case, would there reallly be any other place that is best suitable for the slugger?


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