Nate-White Sox Blockbuster Deal Most Lob Sided Deal to Date

Honestly, Adam Eaton is one of the most underrated players in the game. He had a 2016 WAR of 6.2. But, is he worth giving up Lucas Giolito, Reynaldo Lopez, and Dane Dunning? No, despite his playing ability and being under contract for the next 3-5 years.

Adam Eaton has turned himself into one of the most productive outfielders in the game since his arrival to Chicago. Eaton’s three seasons with the White Sox has resulted in a combined 15.4 WAR. He has lead the league in triples twice, collected 175+ hits twice, and accumulated an OPS+ of 120+ each of his 3 Chicago seasons. He is an excellent player, but he is an American League player. Eaton will now be hitting atop the Nationals lineup facing NL pitching. When Eaton first played major league ball, it was in Arizona and it didn’t go well.

This exact package of players would arguably just as easy acquire Andrew McCutchen, who is a proven superstar. Clearly the Nationals are all in looking to take the 2017 NL pennant. Despite having filled that center field hole quite well with Eaton, and moving Trea Turner to short, they forgot about a few things. Washington’s most needed help is the bullpen, more precisely a closer. With the package they sent to Chicago, David Robertson would have been ideal to obtain in addition to Eaton. A second thing the Nats forgot about is their 1st base problem. An injury riddled Ryan Zimmerman currently holds that spot. Lastly, the team from DC is daydreaming with the WS trophy in their hands in the near future. Seems they have forgotten that the Cubs are the defending champs and will be in the way in 17’.

The Cubs may be the happiest team in the land currently, but as of the last couple days, the team on the south side is just as ecstatic. The day after acquiring baseball’s #1 prospect, Yoan Moncada, the White Sox get Lucas Giolito and company. Giolito is the #1 pitching prospect in the game and being called the next Roger Clemens. The Sox also acquired Reynaldo Lopez (#8 pitching prospect) and Dane Dunning (Nats’ 2016 1st round pick). The White Sox are the clear-cut winners of the trade.

Adam Eaton will be a key part of the Nationals’ 2017 run, but giving up big-time prospects, is trading away their future. 2017/2018 will be a win or bust scenario for Washington. For the White Sox, they look sexy as hell for the future. There is always risk in prospects, but these kids are special. The American League in 2018 and beyond may very well belong to the White Sox.


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