Jose Bautista Returns to Toronto with Head Hanging

After his former teammate Encarnacion got a sizeable contract, Jose Bautista goes back to the Jays on a slim 1-year deal. The contract also includes options for 18′ and 19′. After holding out for months for a big contract, Bautista is now back in Toronto with a fake smile. 2017 will have to be, and should be, another stat book breaking year for Bautista; maybe then he will get his big contract.

Yes, as the days go by Bautista gets older, but his bat certainly doesn’t know Jose’s age. Playing in the AL should help anyone’s age by a couple years due to the DH position. Certainly lots of players move to the DH role due to their health and performance declining, but that’s not Bautista. The Toronto slugger did deal with some injuries in 2016, but there has been a pattern. In 2009 he played in 113 games, then for 2 years he had full seasons. Then again 2012 was an unhealthy year. Before 2016, he played 3 straight full seasons. Even when Bautista’s season’s are riddled by injuries, his offensive WAR is still at least a 2.0.

No need to stifle through more of Bautista’s numbers, as they speak for themselves. His age shouldn’t matter one bit considering the way he produces at the plate. $18 million for one year guaranteed is quite a bargain to bring back a Toronto fan favorite. So, at least for 2017, the Blue Jays will keep an above .500 slugging percentage bat in the middle of the lineup.


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