2017 AL Awards

MVP: Francisco Lindor. Having Brantley and Encarnacion in the lineup gives Lindor more protection. He was the clear leader of that lineup last year with Brantley gone the entirety of 2016. His glove is the best in the world, and he had no fear of the intensity of the playoffs. Should just get better and better.

Cy Young: Masahiro Tanaka. Despite awful first start, his numbers have gotten better and better each year. He is a high risk, high reward pitcher with many medical experts stating that he could blow out his arm at any time due to past injuries. If the Yankees make the playoffs or win the division, its going to be due to Tanaka leading the pitching staff.

Rookie of the Year: Raul Mondesi Jr. He may have struggled during Spring Training and during his short stint in big leagues last year, but he has all the talent in the world. He will get plenty of protection in the lineup and will be playing in the middle of two gold glovers in Eric Hosmer and Alcides Escobar.

Comeback player of year: Pablo Sandoval. Had an outstanding spring training. Is in better shape. And now with Ortiz gone, Pablo may fill that role of veteran leader, as he did in San Fran.

Manager of the Year: Scott Servais. The win total for the M’s may not improve hugely, but they will finally get into the playoffs.

Gold Gloves: Dallas Keuchel (P), Salvador Perez (C), Eric Hosmer (1B), Danny Espinosa (2B), Mike Moustakas (3B), Francisco Lindor (SS), Jarrod Dyson (LF), Kevin Pillar (CF), Mookie Betts (RF)

Silver Sluggers: Hanley Ramirez (DH), Gary Sanchez (C), Edwin Encarnacion (1B), Jose Altuve (2B), Evan Longoria (3B), Francisco Lindor (SS), Michael Brantley (LF), Mike Trout (CF), Jose Bautista (RF)


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