Week of 1-12-15


Vada Pinson was one of the most underrated center-fielders of all-time. He only made 2 all-star teams throughout his career, but his total numbers came out to be very worthy of the Hall, despite never getting enough votes for Cooperstown throughout his 15 years of eligibility. The total stats that are arguably border lines for the Hall of Fame are 4000 total bases, 3000 hits, 1500 runs, 1500 RBI’s, 400 stolen bases, 500 doubles, etc. Vada Pinson ended up with 4264 total bases, 2757 hits (in just over 2400 games), 1365 runs (4 seasons with over 100), and 485 doubles (led the NL twice). He also won a gold glove back in 1961 and a career range factor above league average. For 18 full major league seasons, Vada Pinson was a great consistent player who was at an all-star caliber level, as he is arguably one of the top 40 outfielders of all-time.


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