2018 National League Postseason Predictions

Wild Card Game: St Louis Cardinals (89-73) vs Colorado Rockies (89-73)

6-3 Rockies: Home field advantage is the deciding factor in this game. Whether it’s a washed up Wainwright or young Luke Weaver, Jon Gray will out pitch either and the Red Birds don’t have the offense the Rockies have. Despite the overflowing of pitching talent the Cardinals have had in October over the years, Bud Black is the one managing the Rockies bullpen.


Colorado Rockies (89-73) vs Washington Nationals (98-64)

3-2 Rockies: Again, the Nats will lose in the NLDS. 2017 was the closest they ever got due to the experience of Dusty Baker, but despite how good of a resume Dave Martinez has, Black has the experience and the recourses in the bullpen to beat out the Nats. Washington may take the series into Colorado tied or with a 2-0 lead due to Scherzer and Strasburg being 1 and 2 in the rotation, but the Rockies offense will turn on once home, then Gray will take that momentum back into DC for the Series win if needed.

Chicago Cubs (90-72) vs Los Angeles Dodgers (95-67)

4-1 Dodgers: After taking a 2-1 lead in 2016 vs the Cubbies and the series 4-1 in 2017, the Dodgers clearly know how to play the Cubbies. The Cubbies may get a win or two in this series, but shouldn’t be a shock if the Dodgers sweep. Arrietta is no longer a Cub, instead it’s a guy LA knows well in Yu Darvish. Julio Urias will be back mid-season to make a huge impact, and if Matt Kemp is still around in October, his postseason experience will just elevate the Dodgers offense even more.


Colorado Rockies (89-73) vs Los Angeles Dodgers (95-67)

4-2 Dodgers: The Rockies bullpen will keep them in this series. Due to neither one of the rotations being very deep, and both teams having good lineups and good managers, this series will come down to motivation. This Dodger team has long awaited a WS title, as opposed to the Rockies who are just beginning their journey. Overall, the Dodgers are more a put together, sound team, as the Rockies are still trying to figure out how the pieces fit together.



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