2018 World Series Prediction

New York Yankees (89-73) vs Los Angeles Dodgers (95-67)

4-1 Dodgers: Despite having a shutdown bullpen and a deep roster, the Dodgers have a more talented deep roster and a manager who is ready to get his team a championship trophy. Severino in Dodger stadium on the mound for the World Series vs Clayton Kershaw in game 1 will certainly set the tone for the Dodgers after a convincing victory over Severino. As the Yankees will enter the World Series on momentum of great talent, the Dodgers will enter it on a full season of dominance and confidence on their path to finally winning the Series.


2 Replies to “2018 World Series Prediction”

  1. The Yankees will be too streaky this year. If they want to make a run in playoffs all of there hitters will have to be hot

  2. Early season is no indicator, but the Yankees look OK…Not so sure about the Dodgers. National league is wide open where it just seems Astros, Yanks and Red Sox will be in the hunt come Sept.

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