Happy 84th B-day!

Fun Fact of the Day:

Today the Say Hey Kid, Willie Mays, turned 84-years-old. It is hard to believe that it was almost 43 years ago that Mays finished up his Hall of Fame career; including leading the league in walks at 40 years-old; his last season with the Giants. There are many legends that are celebrated on their b-days; their careers looked back on, but when discussing Willie, terms such as “god” or “best player of all-time” are acceptable. They called him the “Say Hey Kid” for a reason, he had all five tools: hit for average (.302 career average), hit for power (660 total homers), speed (300+ stolen bases), glove (all 12 gold gloves won consecutively), and arm strength (threw out a mere 100 runners). To utilize those tools to win the ROTY and MVP twice during the second dead ball era is nothing short of god-like. Say Hey Kid, happy birthday!


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