Week of 5-4-15


The St. Louis Browns were always near the bottom of the pack every year of their existence; they were somewhat of a failed franchise, however, in 1944, the Browns had a memorable season. During that campaign, they won 89 games on their way to charging up the ladder in the American League to a pennant. This unexpected talent of a team played in the historical Sportsman Park III; a variation of the park that was eventually named Busch Stadium. Due to a lot of superstars being out to volunteer in the war, many average players became all-stars; the Browns had quite a few of those. The reasoning behind the Browns’ 89 wins was their pitching (3.17 ERA), and the fact that they were due to win the pennant after finishing second in the AL for the previous 9 seasons. The 1944 St Louis Browns were one of the most unlikeliest pennant winners in the history of the game, and was the only team of the Browns to make a World Series appearance.


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