Why Citi Field is the Place for Ian Desmond

The New York Mets have not had a legitimate shortstop since Jose Reyes left in 2011. Since then, the 6th hole has been one of the biggest missing pieces. Citi Field opened up for the 2009 season, and has not seen more than 80 wins out of the Mets yet. However, after their young pitching has caught the attention of the whole league the last couple of years, many believe that the Mets can return to glory. But, the lack of offense is the problem, along with the holes in the infield created by injuries. When healthy, the offense isn’t half bad, so add stellar pitching to that and the Mets could very well be a championship contender. But, the biggest problem is not having a star shortstop.

Wilmer Flores has no doubt been a great offensive prospect and has begun to prove it, but his glove has not been so impressive. The Mets knew this going into the season, but they can’t just snap their fingers and a gold glove shortstop appears. Since the Winter Meetings there have been heavy talks of shortstops on the trade market and what the Mets would have to give up to receive one; like Troy Tulowitzki of the Rockies. But, Tulo is worth a lot of money, and the asking price may is a little high, so what are the other options? Ian Desmond of the Nats is on the block.

The Nationals finally received the last piece of a three-way trade that happened back in the winter recently. That last piece was Trea Turner, who is the #65 prospect currently, and the next Derek Jeter, according to multiple sources. Because Ian Desmond is becoming a free agent after this season, Washington is going to let him go and let Trea Turner take the raines. So, with starting pitchers Jordan Zimmerman and Doug Fister also likely becoming free agents after this season, the Nats are looking to get something in return for Ian Desmond. The Mets have unbelievable young pitching studs developing left and right in the farm system, and are looking for a franchise shortstop, so why not trade for Ian Desmond.

2015 has been a disappointing season for the Nats shortstop only batting .218, but since his first all-star appearance in 2012, he has developed into one of the top infielders in the game today, as a 5-tool player. Right now the Mets are in the bottom of the league in almost every offensive category, so a 5-tool player could very well turn the franchise around. With the Mets upside as near future contenders, Ian Desmond would most likely be open for signing an extension to stay in NY. Since the Mets have already brought up many of their pitching prospects such as Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz, they don’t have any ready now for big league action in the minors. However, they will not be winning the Fall Classic this year, but the Nats might. The Nats have been missing 3B Anthony Rendon almost the entire season, and could use a veteran infielder. Proposal to the Nationals: Steven Matz, David Wright (Mets will pay a good chunk of contract), and Kevin Plawecki, for Ian Desmond + Wilson Ramos. The Mets may lose Wright, and Matz, but there is a great free agent market out there after this season for the Mets to spend some money they freed up from getting rid of Wright. A new shiny shortstop is the solution to the Mets, and the bridge to the Fall Classic.


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