2017 AL Playoff Predictions

Wild Card Game

5-4 Yankees defeat Seattle Mariner at Safeco Field.


3-0 Indians sweep Yankees. Aside from Tanaka, the Yankees can’t match up to the Tribe’s rotation. Yankees won’t be able to keep up with Indians offense, therefore not having lead going to late innings, where the Yankees are strongest.

3-2 Astros over the Jays (home field advantage). The Jays no longer have Encarnacion, while the Astros have 3 new shiny bats in Josh Reddick, Carlos Beltran and Brian McCann. The only reason for a game 5 is due to better pitching by the Jays.


4-1 Tribe over the Astros with Tribe having home field advantage. Indians power starting pitching will shut down the power bats in the Astros’ lineup.

MVP: Corey Kluber


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