2017 NL Playoffs

Wild Card Game

4-1 Red Birds over the Nats at Busch Stadium. Adam Wainwright will be pegged for the start and dominate.


3-2 Cubbies over the Cards with Chicago having home field advantage. In the end the Cubbies dominant bullpen will finish off their arch rival.

3-2 Dodgers over the Mets with LA having home field advantage. This Dodger series win will be contingent on health of LA’s starting rotation, as it is just as good as Mets’. Playing game 5 at Dodger Stadium will be the difference.


4-2 Dodgers over Cubbies with Chicago having home field advantage. LA proved that they match up well against the Cubs back in October. The Dodgers now have a bridge to Jansen and another bat in Logan Forsythe.

MVP: Adrian Gonzalez


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